Referrer will get certain percentage of the revenue generated by CRD on successful attempt of the suggested references.   Referrer has to just give Names, Mobile Nos. and E-Mail Ids of Verified Leads. Verified Leads means Buyers who are interested to purchase property on immediate basis.

Become Referrer for the Buyers who are interested to purchase the property

  • Provide Name, Mobile Nos. and E-mail Ids of those persons who are interested to purchase property on immediate basis.
  • Please do not provide any reference without talking to them about their interest for purchasing property.
  • Please refer a buyer to us through our website mentioning your code.
  • CRD Properties can keep the identity of the referrer confidential if the referrer wishes to do so.
  • Once a reference is made, CRD Properties will further call up the reference and understand further about the requirement of the property of the buyer.
  • Our strong team of Sales and Marketing professionals try and get the best deal for the buyer as per their requirement and possible projects and rates prevailing in the market.
  • The referrer gets a monetary reward  in terms of certain percentage  of the revenue generated on successful attempt of suggested references.

Refer Prospective Customers who are interested to buy Property